BTS Lights Up Las Vegas


By Alexandra Schueller

The blistering Las Vegas sun shined down on thousands of people lining up for merch, taking pictures, entering the stadium, and paying $7 for a bottle of water. Soon, the 90 degrees that the fierce desert brought turned into a crisp night of enlivening color and music. BTS lit up the night on April 9, 2022 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, as part of their Permission to Dance tour. 

Since BTS attended the Grammy Awards, which happened in Las Vegas, the band announced four nights of concerts in the city. Having seen BTS multiple times in Los Angeles, I was excited to take a road trip to Nevada over the weekend to see them. 

Just before the sun rose on April 9, I went on a five hour long road trip with friends and one of their parents. On the way, many cars decorated with BTS slogans and decorations could be seen.

After the exhausting road trip and finally arriving in Las Vegas, the whole city was bustling with fans. The Fountains of Bellagio even played the band’s hit song Butter alongside the daily fountain show. It amazed me how much influence BTS had on the city.

The experience was fun because I’ve never been to Vegas before and it was incredible to see BTS again

— Junior Rhiana Drader

This influence was even bigger when we entered Allegiant Stadium later that day. Large banners strung from the stadium, limited-time merch was sold, and people wore unique outfits based off of BTS’s songs and personal style. Based on the previous times I’ve been to concerts, Allegiant Stadium was one of the most organized stadiums I’ve been to. The lines were organized, the staff was helpful, and it made me feel welcome in a stadium that seated over 65,000 fans. 

Stadiums can be overwhelming; the inside was large but it was easy to navigate through and I found my seat fast. I have sat both close and further away at previous BTS concerts, and I realize the advantages each seat brings. I had a higher seat this time, and it allowed me to see all the mesmerizing lights in the audience; it really tied the concert together. 

When everyone finished filling in the stadium and the lights dimmed, the screams of the exhilarated crows started. BTS, along with skilled backup dancers, filled the stage. They performed a mix of their old and new songs, alongside complex professional dance routines and stunning effects. Creative short films were also shown on large video screens in between the songs.  There were also times when BTS talked and interacted with the audience. 

From the fireworks, water cannons, and moving platforms to the ARMY Lightsticks— which could change color according to the rhythm of the songs and fill the audience with colors— the effects were unmatched. The impressive effects, along with BTS’s high energy dancing and singing, left everyone dancing. After the concert, my legs were aching and my voice was gone. That’s how I knew it was an amazing concert.

“The energy was insane, everyone was having the time of their life,” Junior Rhiana Drader said.

Not only were the effects amazing, but the messages the band brought as well. BTS’s Permission to Dance conveys the feeling of finally feeling free again and being able to go to concerts after COVID-19. 

The Las Vegas concert was one of the best ones that I’ve been to. I recommend going to a BTS concert at least once, even if you are not a fan, because it’s just overall just a fun night no matter where you sit. Their love for their fans, the varying setlist, the effects and the energy that everybody had made the concert an experience of a lifetime. It makes you want to go over and over again.