SOS: An Album for all Heartbreaks

SZA KILLing the BILLboard records

If you’re on social media, you have probably heard these trending lyrics before. They’re from the song, Kill Bill, by SZA in her new album SOS. Since its release in October, Kill Bill has been #2 on the Top Billboard Charts for eight weeks and has been played over 64 million times. SOS broke the record for the largest streaming week ever for an R&B album with 404.6 million streams which is also the third-largest streaming week from 2022.  21 songs from SOS made it onto the Hot 100. “Nobody Gets Me” landed in the Top 10 at #10. “Blind,” “Low,” and “Shirt” presently reside in the Hot 100’s Top 20 region.

As a fan of SZA, when the album was first released I immediately listened to it. Previous to her debut album Crtl, SOS, focuses on similar topics of love and break-ups, but also self-love and self-doubt. However, in SOS, she is leaving relationships behind and opens the album with an irritated tone and many curse words to express her feelings for her ex. Anyone who’s been through a heartbreak knows the feeling of pain and betrayal. I feel that this album truly goes in-depth to portray the break-up emotions. There is a roller coaster of emotions throughout the album and SZA and the songwriters did a fantastic job illustrating it. Her lyrics have a calm lullaby theme, with dark and foreboding lyrics.  There is no filter as SZA expresses her anger towards her ex, in Kill Bill, Nobody Gets Me, I Hate U, and others. This heartbreak doesn’t focus on the sad empty feeling. No, SZA’s songs focus on anger and betrayal. The wrath of the songs shows the importance of self-love. In Crtl, SZA is a delicate woman looking for love. Now, SZA isn’t looking for love and is leaving all the toxic relationships behind. I find the message of her album very empowering. Don’t let a man break you apart, get up and deal with it. I recommend this album to anyone who has recently been through heartbreak and could relate to the emotions SZA encompasses. For anyone who needs songs about self-love, break-ups, and hating your exes, this is the album for you.