Snowy Knights


By Nina Borcalli

Starting a new club at school is very risky because you don’t know how it will turn out. As for Naomi Roth and Baye Ullrich, they brought their snow club to sunny San Marcos. Naomi and Baye are both Juniors on campus as well as the president and vice president of their new club called Snowy Knights. Snowy Knights is a snow club that has been brought to San Marcos High School so people can come together and share the same area of interest in a fun way.

I have asked them what their plans are for this club and how they will accomplish this. They begin to tell us their plan of going on a trip with everyone in the club and how it would look like.

“Our major plan is to take a trip up to Big Bear, sometime during the ski season and just do like a day trip where everybody can get together and have fun skiing or snowboarding,” Roth said.

As they first started to think about making this club their first couple of plans were to make a trip up to Big Bear. They wanted to do this so everyone can bond over one of the things they love.  Roth and Ullrich will have meetings to decide who will be able to go on this trip due to the number of spaces on the bus. There will be attendance forms to be filled out at each meeting as winter approaches. 

After learning about their plans for their snowy club I asked them if their club would continue when they both graduate and what it would look like in the future.

“We would love for that to happen because we want to see Snowy Knights continue even when we are not here,” Ullrich said, “We would really like to see, kind of like what Naomi said, to create a fun environment for everyone to share their interests and have a great time snowboarding and skiing and doing what they love in the snow.”

Overall, they made this club a reality on campus to make students closer and meet new people.  Especially after returning back to school, this is a good environment for snow lovers. They would like to add that everyone should join their club and follow them on Instagram (@smhssnowyknights) and follow the steps to be an official member of this amazing club.