Coughing Up a Storm on Campus


By Madilyn Kim

 Your teachers yell at you to keep your mask over your nose, the people at your table start to continuously be absent, and your teachers concern everyone about the COVID-19 rates at San Marcos High School. As we dive deeper into the school year, COVID-19 has gotten progressively worse and worse. Since then, controversy has started up about how to deal with everyday life on campus in a pandemic. With more students absent because of close contact cases, getting exposed, or getting sick with COVID-19, students  are getting behind in their schoolwork and extracurricular activities.

“I wasn’t provided with enough sources and I didn’t get to see the demonstrations my teacher would normally give to my class,” sophomore Travis Connelly said. Connelly has had to quarantine within the school year and found it very difficult and inconvenient. Teachers tend to put more energy into in class lessons and instruction rather than online. Many teachers have been trying to keep students caught up while they are having to quarantine by creating a calendar or planner of some sort. These calendars inform students on what they are doing in their classes daily. However, even with these resources, the learning environment in the classroom is always the most helpful. 

 “I still think being in class, day to day, having the explanations, being able to ask questions, and actually being there in person is a completely different and better experience.” said Mrs. Sano, ninth grade biology teacher. Her opinion resonates with a lot of students since while being at home there can be several distractions and it can be fairly challenging to focus and stay motivated on doing schoolwork. 

It’s hard to juggle trying to keep everyone safe and healthy while also happy and successful in an in person school environment. With COVID-19 around, school won’t be the same as we all knew it, yet many wish everything would just go back to the way it was.