Angelino Jimenez Student Profile

By Alfredo Gonzalez
Angelino Jimenez, a 16 year-old San Marcos High School student, has spent as much time on the wrestling mat as he has in the classroom during his high school career. This will be his third year on the wrestling team.
With all the restrictions, due to COVID-19, it has been extremely difficult for him and many other wrestlers to practice. Some of the problems he has faced are gyms being closed and not being able to train alongside his peers.
Off the mat, Angelino is a hard working student at San Marcos High School. “This term I’m taking Spanish 3, Advanced Weight Training and Algebra 2. I’m taking Spanish 3, because I plan on taking AP Spanish next year.”
Next term he’s taking a Health Essentials class to learn more about the career he may want to pursue in the future.
As a junior, Angelino feels it is unfortunate that he doesn’t have as many resources as he would normally have at school. It has been very difficult to ask for help during class and stay focused, because he has so many distractions. With online schooling, he has two small nephews at home who are loud and he has to take care of them during class. They make it very difficult to learn.
He wants to return to in person learning, but knows how difficult it may be for the school and many others if we go back. He is aware of the dangers of the coronavirus, and therefore is doing everything he can to prevent the spread, despite its challenges.