Spring in Full Swing

San Marcos High school kicks off their spring sports with schoolwide assembly.


Taken by Siddarth Sistla and Phoebe Nuyen

With the usual performance of the school fight song featuring the Marching Band, Colour Guard and Cheer Team, San Marcos High School presented its final assembly of the year to celebrate the kickoff of spring season sports. This time around, track and field, softball, boys golf, boys volleyball, boys tennis, girls lacrosse, boys lacrosse, swimming, and boys basketball were among the main featured sports.

“It’s a bit of a pivotal moment because for some of us, this is the final assembly and set of sports that we’ll be taking part in as high school students,” said an anonymous 12th grader.

Though seemingly starting off as a normal assembly, the tides soon changed and the assembly switched to a Spongebob-themed watery wonderworld as a variety of fast-food themed challenges took to the stage such as ‘Capture the Recipe’—a fun Spongebob-themed take on Capture the flag—and the Burger Relay, where students would have to build a burger by attaining all the materials in the correct order.

The assembly also featured performances from the All-Male Dance team and Colour Guard, along with a small ceremony for the assorted wins in Girls Water Polo, Girls Wrestling, and the Dance teams. Flags were raised along the wall for each team.

“I thought it was cool how they showcased the spring sports because there are a lot of them that don’t get the attention that they should be getting,” said Kylan, a Junior.

As for some of the other news from the assembly:

CAASPP testing, an upcoming testing period for juniors statewide, is going on in the current and following weeks, along with AP exams.

Prom tickets are now on sale! Tickets are $75 with an ASB sticker, and 80 dollars without, for the month of April. The prices increase monthly.

Along with Prom, for seniors, the Spring Fling—San Marcos High’s first ever underclassman-exclusive dance. The dance will take place on Friday, April 21 at 7-10 p.m. and tickets are already for sale, increasing in price as the event continues to approach. For the week leading up, there will be a Spirit Week with themes announced on the school social media.

On Tuesday, April 18, the Day of Silence will take place. The Day of Silence is meant to be a stand in solidarity with oppressed groups and minorities who have been silenced throughout the United States and world. Participation is not mandatory, however you can still get stickers from club leaders to show your support. 

As usual, the assembly concluded with the performance of the Alma Mater. We look forward to seeing our students and teams participate in the upcoming spring sports and the events that will be taking place in the coming month.