Trader Joe’s

A look into the popular Trader Joe’s brand and its featured products


Created by Noah Mantuano

As Trader Joe’s has been on the rise as a go-to grocery store for many young adults, the question is, is it worth all of its popularity? With a whopping annual revenue of $13.3 billion, the store must be doing something right- that something may be their unique food items for low prices, but that’s not all. Opened in 1967, the famous store is still gaining popularity after over 50 years and there is a lot going on behind it. 

 A big reason the store is so popular is the promotion it has been getting on social media recently for the store’s healthy and tasty snacks. A large appeal is their fruits and vegetables being mostly organic, and having an overall healthy vibe which allows many new audiences to be drawn in. Delivering high-quality ingredients, which includes non-GMO and organic produce, was one of the founding principles that the business adopted. They make their own products apart from other stores which proves that they are accountable and trustworthy, having their first private label product introduced in 1972. The store also offers things like potted plants or reusable tote bags that can be cool to snag on your next visit. Whenever I go to Trader Joe’s, I always see new additions on the shelf, because they release new products weekly. A personal favorite would be the Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips because they are so versatile and I’ve never met a person that doesn’t enjoy them. I think this store’s laidback feel and many positive experiences lead to its growth. Frequent members of the store are also big fans of their packaged ready-to-eat meals, which makes an easy dinner or lunch for anyone who likes eating on the go. The atmosphere in the store is super positive, putting a smile on anyone who walks in. When checking out they also offer complimentary lollipops and stickers which is such a fun touch. In general, Trader Joe’s is succeeding at marketing to their audience by making a trip to the grocery store not feel like a chore.