Fashion 2023

Statement Pieces 

Someone’s goal in every outfit is to add a flare element. As more shops are adding trendy clothing pieces, the more efficient it is to add anything unique to a plain outfit. Statement pieces vary in every category. Whether it is a shirt, scarf, jewelry, or shoes, I can speak for a lot of people that there has to be more of that. Since covid, online shopping gained popularity times one million. From past shopping experience, thrift stores will always be my top choice for finding any piece of clothing that I am looking for. However, if you want convenience then any online store is efficient. Stores like Urban Outfitters and Princess Polly are just two of many stores that offer a variety of clothes that can show you how great a statement piece can raise any outfit. 

Maxi Skirts

Youtubers and influencers like Emma Chamberlain and practically any fashion tiktok page, maxi skirts are the new big bang. I have been seeing maxi skirts fit into fashion through any season and I hope to not let it leave any time soon.  Maxi skirts can fit into any occasion and like any statement piece, they can work for any and every dress code. Whether the skirt is silk or cotton it will suit anybody and can be a very flattering style. Any store like Urban Outfitters, Cider, or Free People will have a skirt made for everyone. 


Like any fashion trend, that exact piece that we all love and adore now was either very popular years ago or hated. With Uggs, they surprisingly fit into both categories. As Uggs are making their comeback, their comfort, and style are what cause them to be sold out in almost every store. Not only are they very comfortable, cute, practical, and warm, Uggs are becoming essential in everyone’s closet. Hopefully, Uggs won’t leave anytime soon. Because of the rarity of finding a pair, only one can hope that any Ugg store, local, or online shoe store will carry the style you want. 

Bomber Jackets and Leg Warmers 

Personally, I think it’s very common for leg warmers and bomber jackets to suit each other well and fit similar aesthetics. Leg warmers are practical and cute and can fit into any style. I was personally surprised when I saw leg warmers make their comeback but I am also not complaining since they can make any outfit add a level of spark. Bomber jackets are possibly my favorite fashion piece because they can add so much dimension to any outfit. I feel like bomber jackets add that extra flair and vintage feeling that anybody is looking for nowadays. Leg warmers can be found practically anywhere but bomber jackets are popular in any thrift store.