The FIFA World Cup 2022 Up Close


Skander Boutlour

Freshman Skander Boutlour in Qatar to watch the FIFA World Cup of 2022 on November 18

On Nov. 18, freshman Skander Boutlour visited Qatar to watch and celebrate the FIFA World Cup of 2022.

“Qatar is like a never-ending party that brings everyone together,” Boutlour said. “Everyone is so hyped up and you feel so connected with everyone because the energy is so strong and passionate.” 

The most renowned and celebrated event of the year has drawn millions of visitors from all over the world to Qatar. Boutlour had the adventure of a lifetime during his two weeks in Qatar. Enjoying everything that Qatar and the FIFA World Cup have to offer.

“Being able to watch the World Cup in person is so beautiful and intense,”  Boutlour said. “The country, the people, and seeing the players up close was an experience I will keep close and never forget.”