The Girl’s Empowerment Club at SMHS Shows the Power of Knowledge and Inspiration


By Noelle Doblado

We are strong as individuals, but we are unstoppable together.

Finding strength within one another is vital for any community. At SMHS, Amanda Nelson and Jayden Ruth strive to provide a safe space for everyone to feel heard and valued through Girl’s Empowerment club. As club presidents, Nelson and Ruth represent the powerful women in society who are making a difference in their community through discovering their power together. 

Nelson and Ruth first found their passion for the club as young freshmen in search of a place to belong. “We both were fascinated about shedding light on current issues when we were first club members and we feel passionate about continuing to bring it into our club today,” said Nelson. The passion for leading Girls Empowerment club lies in the hands of the women who inspired Nelson and Ruth to uplift others. “My aunt is a lead engineer in Seattle and has always pushed onto me the idea that you can always achieve your goals as a woman,” said Ruth.  Girls Empowerment club is more than just a club, it’s a community. “Our main goal is to create a community on campus where anyone can come and feel safe to talk and be heard,” said Ruth. As young women in the club at the beginning of their high school careers, the experience they felt in this club created the desire to give back to others as presidents. “Our whole purpose is to include  everyone and create a safe space that others may not have otherwise,” said Nelson.  Nelson and Ruth are paving the way for the future of SMHS by reminding students of the powerful value they bring to our community. “Don’t let anyone tell you you are less than anything or anyone else,” said Nelson, highlighting the beauty within unity that comes with Girl’s Empowerment club.