Girls Water Polo and their Record-Breaking Season


By Haylee Cassen

It is the end of the fourth quarter in the girl’s varsity water polo game, the shot clock is ticking, and the time is running out to score before a turnover occurs during the final League game. The question on everyone’s mind is if they will win and become League champions. 

The team with one of the best bonds and happiest atmospheres on campus breaks school records one after the other. As the team went into the last League game for the season, the nerves were high, but the bond and trust between the teammates showed how hard they worked and their determination. Junior Sarah Murray, a first-year varsity player expresses going into the record-breaking game. “For our last League game, it was exciting knowing that we could be the first girl’s water polo team to win the league for our high school, and this was very exciting,” Murray said. Although she and her team were nervous, “when we found out that we were the team that beat the girl’s record; it was a thrilling feeling, and we knew that it would tell people that we are a serious sport on campus.” Murray said. Even though nerves were running through the team, the support of family and friends allowed for their success. 

The atmosphere of girls’ water polo has allowed for a groundbreaking season led by a top scorer and a familiar face of girls’ water polo. Senior Dylan Murphy, team captain, has been on varsity all four years of her high school career. Murphy said that a team has always been “super-inclusive and has a positive environment no matter the score.” The positive environment has allowed the players to grow as a team. Although it’s Murphy’s last year as a Knight, she has left a lasting impact of breaking not one but two girls’ water polo records. “The girl’s record was 80 goals in a season, and I’m now going into CIF with 105, and I couldn’t be more excited,” Murphy said. 

Winning League is one step completed but moving into CIF Division 3 is the next task on the to-do list for these girls. Sophomore Kairi Osterhout is a first-year varsity player who has set big goals for herself and the rest of her varsity career. Osterhout’s plans were set big and thus far has achieved some of them. “To win CIF finals for our division,” as the first goal of winning the League was accomplished. But now, going into CIF, the confidence and growth shown in the girls helps make the process a little easier. One main factor in this groundbreaking year was the great players and the supportive atmosphere. “Our team is always supportive and kind and will support you in and out of the pool,” Osterhout said. Without the atmosphere of this team, they would not have been able to compete as well as they did this year. 

The positive atmosphere led to the great season, and the great captains also led to the fantastic season. Junior Jenna Herr is a three-year varsity player who is also the co-captain of the varsity team. The excellent leadership skills are shown as Herr’s “words have influence” and showed Herr the “responsibilities of being a leader on a team, such as keeping people excited/happy, or addressing problems that should be solved.” This has allowed her to become a role model on the team and a person people could look up to. “Priding ourselves on the friendships and community the sport and environment creates,” Herr said. “I believe the amount of work, training, time, and energy that goes into the sport is the reason we all are so close because we see each other through every phase of the week: the losses, wins, and even practices.”

Although the season is coming to an end, the great remarks made by this team show how remarkable this year’s girls varsity team was. They beat Old Lady Peace 11-9 in double overtime; unfortunately, they fell short in the CIF semifinals with a 4-6 against Francis Parker. Well done, ladies, and good luck next season.