Igniting Sparks: The Series


By Noelle Doblado

Each story has a beginning, middle, and end, bound together by a seamless flow of words. Variations of letters and punctuation imprint themselves along the pages of books, making their lasting imprint for many years to come. 

Stories and language are key aspects of the human experience. Victoria Tarnovetchi, one of the English and AP Literature teachers at SMHS carries her fascination with storytelling to her students. 

For Tarnovetchi, her passion for literature stems from the profound impact authors have with their writing. “I love language and looking at how people use words to get across ideas, and how these messages have stood the test of time and have been relevant forever,” said Tarnovetchi. The influence of Tarnovetchi’s love for literature ignites a deeper connection to her passion and bond with her students. “Every day when my students come up with amazing ideas or write insightful things, I think that’s what makes it worth it. Every day something good comes out of being a teacher,” said Tarnovetchi. Tarnovetchi utilizes her passion to inspire her students to think analytically and believe in their capabilities as intellectual beings. “My biggest thing is that my students know that they can do it and that they think for themselves. They have their own opinions and these opinions are worthwhile,” said Tarnovetchi. The excitement and passion for the world of literature are why Tarnovetchi continues to share her life’s greatest treasure.