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March 6, 2023

Celebration of diverse cultures and religions isn’t just a one day occasion, it’s something we should implement in our everyday lives. In an article from Partnership International, a global blog, it is read that sharing cultures can help, “dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups,” and make us recognize and respect lifestyles that aren’t necessarily our own.  Aside from being the president of the South Asian club, Tippur shares her culture by making it known how proud she is of her country. 

“I’ll clear up one misconception: India isn’t just a poor country…It’s like a totally different world… they’re very hospitable… Everyone is connected…” Tippur said, “It’s not what people tell you or what the world perceives it to be,  [India’s] a lot more than that, it’s so beautiful, there’s so much going on in one country… there’s a significance to everything” 

Flaunting her ethnicity proudly, Tippur educates many on her Indian roots. Through the South Asian Club, the Equity and Diversity Club and a podcast she and her friends, Shree and Subha, started, “American Born Cultured Desi,” (check it out) Tippur makes it a point to recognize her culture. 

“As an Indian student, I want everyone to realize this is a huge part of my identity and to take into account how much that has impacted the way I look at the world.” Tippur said.

Tippur uses expression, education, and community to advocate for other Indian- Americans. Sharing what makes us who we are and embracing different cultures can help San Marcos High School in becoming a tolerant campus. Together we can celebrate and appreciate those who bring diversity into our campus.

Photograph taken of the South Asian Club at San Marcos High School.
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