Two songs, same beat?

A look into the musicans, Tomorrow x Together and Tems.


Created by Ruby Adegoke

Thousands of amazing singers and artists live around the world. Everyone of them are unique and have their own sort of dedication to their craft. Two artists that display such dedication are Tomorrow x Together and Tems. By widening your music lens, you will discover different people from around the world with amazing songs that you should definitely listen to too.

   Since their debut in 2019, Tomorrow X Together has not disappointed. With their excellent singing voices and stage presence, they definitely are a 4th Gen group that is worth listening to. Their new album, titled The Name Chapter ‘Temptation’, is their first album to land no.1 album on Billboard 100, is one of their best examples of their talent.

   One of their songs that really sparked my interest was titled “Tinnitus (wanna be a rock).” The song took a lot of inspiration from afrobeats which is very different from the usual electronic based sound that most Korean boy groups have. The song has a slow and steady beat, with a hollow drum like rhythm which makes it feel light and fun to listen to.

The lyrics (translated) are about a person who struggles to meet up to others expectations. 

 The lyrics: ‘I don’t have that kind of talent, a deep story–’ and ‘If you remove ‘star’ from Rockstar, Just a rock, okay?’ describes a person who doesn’t believe they have enough talent to be a Rockstar and they are fine with just being a regular person (a rock).  I think that a lot of people will relate to the lyrics, as they reflect the difficulties of trying to do your best but not living up to your own standards.

A similar song is “Avoid Things” by Tems, a Nigerian singer. The female artist rose to fame after being featured on WizKid’s ‘Essence’, she now has over 1 billion Spotify streams and won the 2023 Grammy’s Best Melodic Rap Performance. Tems uses a combination of afro beats and lofi sounds to compose a calm but groovy song. This song is about someone who is in a situation where they are struggling to communicate with their partner.. The lyrics read, ‘Avoid things; I try to resolve things, involve you; But you don’t want to be sorry’. These lyrics, paired with Tems’s soulful voice creates the perfect tune to jam to whenever you’re studying or taking a walk.

Both of these excellent artists, who aren’t exactly well known throughout the US, should definitely deserve more recognition for their music and artistry. Tems and TXT are two completely different artists yet they serve the same great music experience.