Die For You Remix- Is it worth the listen?

Opinion piece about the new Die For You remix by The Weeknd featuring Arianna Grande


Created by Summer Miller

Have you noticed that Die for You is back at the top of the billboard charts? Die for you was released originally in 2016 by The Weeknd. Back when it was originally released it was not a huge hit and didn’t gain its popularity until recently from social media app TikTok. It ended up blowing up nearly  five years later. The Weeknd started becoming a huge pop artist. Die for You has over a billion streams mainly just from TikTok. Not to mention it is a great song liked by so many people. The new Remix was announced to be featuring Arianna Grande. Everyone was so excited to hear this new version of Die for You, mainly because they previously worked on music together. In 2021 on the iHeartRadio music awards they announced and performed their remix song Save your Tears. It was amazing and so many people loved their performance, and so did I. I love these two artists alone and combining them makes it even better. Save your Tears was a massive hit even before the remix and Ariana was the cherry on top. The Weeknd is the number 1 top artist in the world currently and Ariana Grande is in the top ten 10. Yes, you read that right, in the world. After their collaboration fans were so excited because this was a collaboration people would not have expected. Ariana Grande with no doubt is a huge artist right now and so is The Weeknd. I am so glad he has gained so much popularity, I mean he has great songs. These two making more music together is amazing. Shortly after they both announced the remix of Die for You everyone was talking about it all over social media. When the remix was released it got over 40 million streams within the first couple days and now has over 80 million. Die for You Remix is now the number one song on the billboard charts. These two talented artists have so many iconic songs and now have even more great songs that they have created together.