Afghanistan’s Deadly Winter

Afghanistan is undergoing the harshest winter in over a decade, and they’re lacking resources.


Picture by Ali Khara from REUTERS

Fatima Hamideh, Editor

200 people were taken by hypothermia, over 220,000 livestock have perished, and with weather reaching as low as -33 Celsius, Afghans are suffering through the bitter cold. Following the Taliban’s takeover in 2021, Afghanistan doesn’t have foreign aid, collapsing their banking system, and skyrocketing the prices of firewood, coal, and other goods necessary for beating the cold. With the physical and resource drought of supplies, food, aid and water, Afghanistan is bearing this cold on their lonesome.

Contributors to the severity of this winter are international blackouts stemming from the war between Russia and Ukraine, famine and no medical aid. In December of 2022, the Taliban banned women from working in aid organizations, stripping communities dependent on these resources from help. Relieved that the war is over, Afghans’ main concerns are how they will be able to prosper financially, provide their families with food on the table and be protected from this desperate winter.

Below are charities in which you can donate to help Afghanistan in their time of crisis. Whether the donation is big or small, you are contributing to saving a life by giving a portion of your time to help others. Spread the word and make sure no suffering voice or resilient story goes unheard.