By Haylee Cassen

Scream, a classic horror movie with loads of jump scares that many people watch over and over. With screams of high popularity the movie has had five remakes since the first film in 1996. Scream is a franchise of movies that focuses on a girl named Sydney where multiple people try to kill her, all dressed in the iconic black cloak and white ghost mask. 

“Scream 2022” was filled with more jump scares than any other Scream film, and while there was a new cast, there were also guest appearances from some of the most memorable and iconic characters from before. Characters such as Dewy, Gale Weathers, and Sydney herself all made an appearance in the latest film which was a shocking factor for viewers. When the characters were slowly reintroduced to the plot it justified the movie as a part of the scream franchise rather than just a typical remake. 

I also very much enjoyed the major plot twists that went to connect “Scream 2022” to the original. As I watched the movie I slowly noticed the different connections and similarities it had to the first movie. From finding out the past connections that would lead to the plot today. Some connections were that the movie had a lot of the same sets or locations such that the movie ended in the same house as it did all the way back in the first movie. 

I would rate this movie an 8.5/10 as there are some slow parts throughout the plot that you can get lost in at times, but overall, it’s a very good movie and a good jump scare movie watch. would recommend Scream to people who aren’t afraid to get a little scared.