Talents Unite in SMHS Axiom Performance


Corinne Grandinetti

The stage prior to the beginning of the Axiom performance.

By Ella Tackett

SMHS’s Axiom shows on the weekend of April 22 were performances like no other: a mix of band, dance, and immersive multimedia. The production showcased a blend of genres, from rhythmic numbers to pop-rock music to classical and jazz. They performed 11 pieces, all of which were met with thunderous applause from the audience. The skill and precision the performers exhibited was superb, and the transitions between sets were excellent. The visuals were equally impressive, with bright and blaring lights focusing on varying quantities of performers: percussion ensembles, color guard, and numbers comprising the entire cast. The lights, screens, and visual effects on the stage were as versatile as the music itself and took the audience on an exhilarating journey. With 55 students participating, it was truly a community event. The SMHS theater was filled with students, staff, parents, friends, and alumni for all four shows they put on. After a 2-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the support they received was astonishing.

One thing that stood out particularly was how students participating commented on the family-like feel of the event. “Axiom provided a great opportunity to bond with other students in the performing arts community and learn more about what goes on behind the stage relating to props, lighting, and sound,” said freshmen Christina Grandinetti, who plays the clarinet. “I am especially grateful to have had the chance to spend more time with this year’s amazing seniors before they graduate high school.” The class of 2022 seniors have not had the opportunity to participate in Axiom since their freshman year, so it was bittersweet for many of them. “Axiom is such a fun experience and I had so much fun doing it this year. This was my first time doing it for real and it’s a lot of fun,” said senior Becky Black. “I am going to miss it next year and everyone who was involved. It is such a great experience to be involved in and all the people made it worthwhile.”

One portion of the show that was especially noteworthy was its interactive elements. It brought out another component for the audience to appreciate, and it was evident that everyone involved was truly having fun. The performers’ enjoyment was palpable, which resulted in the audience being even more entertained than they would have been otherwise. There were many different facets of the show that were surprising to the audience, especially those who had never been to this type of show before. “I was especially impressed by the musicians that became dancers,” said Spanish teacher Señora Yantis. All things considered, it was an almost unanimous consensus that everyone who saw the Axiom show thoroughly enjoyed it. Freshmen Addy Shah said it best: “If you want an experience like no other that includes music, dancing and lights, then Axiom 2023 is where you should be.”