Matt Reeves ‘The Batman’ Is a Fresh Take on a Classic Hero


From Pixabay

“The Batman” is the latest cinematic installment of the beloved superhero. This time around the movie is much darker and tonally grim compared to any of the other movies. The acting and performances throughout the movie are consistently great, the soundtrack of the movie is just as action packed and gritty as the movie is. The cinematography is stunning and many of the stand out shots are some of the best scenes I have seen recently. The movie is also completely detached from all other Batman movies, and until the sequel comes out, is a stand alone movie. This means that anyone who has not watched the Nolan Trilogy, the Tim Burton Batman, or anything else will be able to jump into this movie without a worry. With all this in mind, Batman is a great movie for anyone who wants a dark and mysterious crime/superhero movie. 

Let us start with the performances and characters, which are in my opinion, the best part of the movie. Robert Pattinson does a great job portraying both Batman/Bruce Wayne as both a depressed and troubled person. Batman is a stone cold crime fighter as always, with a slightly more grim approach on the way he handles things. Additionally, Bruce Wayne is no longer a rich playboy who the City of Gotham cherishes, he is now a rich, reclusive hermit whom the city mostly hates. His identity is still hidden from the public, however. As the Batman, Pattinson manages to display a sense of sadness in his dialogue and action scenes, making for a very convincing portrayal of this dark character, made even darker in this iteration. 

What really makes this movie, however, is the antagonist, the Riddler. Played by Paul Dano, the Riddler is far and away the most interesting and exciting part of the movie. Paul Dano puts on an amazing performance, making the Riddler seem like an actual threat rather than some one-off villain. The Riddler is a criminal mastermind who contrasts the strength of Batman with his intelligence. He does not need to fist fight Batman to the death, he knows that, and uses it to his advantage. Another important character is Selina Kyle, or Cat Woman, who is played by Zoe Kravitz. Though she did not have much screen time, she has a large impact on the plot, and is there for many of the major events in the movie. Kravitz makes the character feel alive and believable. Her motivations are very understandable to the audience. She serves as a juxtaposition to the ambition of Batman, as she grounds him throughout the movie. 

There are tons more characters in the movie that are all convincing and equally exciting to see on the big screen. Across the board, this movie has outstanding acting and a great cast of characters. 

Without a doubt, this movie is a champion for cinematography and music. Each shot in the movie tells a story even without the dialogue. Each and every movement of the camera has a purpose. The camera knows just what to hide from the viewer, enhancing the mystery of the movie. In contrast, the camera also provides large open shots, filled with dark vistas that allow the viewer’s imagination to roam. Every corner of the space begs to be explored, but we are purposely cut off from information to build suspense. There are two or three shots in the movie that are jaw dropping. The shots are so perfectly formed and created as a masterclass in camera work. 

The soundtrack is outstanding as well. It ranges from loud, thundering scales full of brass, to soft melodies that drift the scene along. The music adds a layer of immersion to the experience. Every song is composed masterfully by Michael Giacchino, who is also well-known for his composing on the Incredibles Soundtrack, as well as “Marriage Song” from Pixar’s ‘Up’ and ‘Le Festin’ from Pixar’s ‘Ratatouille’. With an impressive range of sounds, and them being perfectly placed, the music carries this movie that extra mile. 

Overall, The Batman is a great movie with great performances, stellar music and camera work. Despite its lengthy run time, the movie consistently keeps the viewer enticed and captures the attention of them for the whole 3 hours. The film is a breath of fresh air for anyone who loves Batman, or just crime mystery movies in general. I cannot recommend this movie enough, and I implore you to go and buy tickets right now.