Reminiscing In Red (Taylor’s Version)


By Noelle Doblado

Autumn leaves fall down like pieces into place and everything is Red. 

November 12 2021 marked a monumental moment in Taylor Swift’s career and sparked a sense of nostalgia for her listeners. Swift released her album “Red” in 2012 as her fourth studio album which quickly became one of the most streamed albums of the year. In 2018, Swift left Big Machine, her previous label, and joined Republic Records, with this she lost the rights to her work. In order to reclaim her work she began the process of re-recording her first six albums, thus Red (Taylor’s Version) was born with songs to reminisce and new ones to hear for the first time. 

Taylor Swift has provided a unique experience for her listeners to live through past eras and re-discover the true meaning of “Red.” “This whole album is just a bunch of good memories,” junior Madison Jay said. As a Taylor Swift fan from the beginning of her career, Jay found herself reflecting on her past in a new way. “Being able to re-visit her old songs and hearing the subtle changes was very exciting to me,” said Jay. Swift’s journey of re-recording is just as important to her listeners as it is for her. “I think that the idea of “Taylors Version” speaks to us as listeners because this is for her, it’s a proud moment for us,” said Jay.

Through Red (Taylor’s Version), Swift offers her listeners a close look into the vulnerable aspects that create her world. “Everything about the album is so vulnerable and raw,” junior Mona Marukawa said. Swift’s vulnerability in her music reminds her listeners to find power in their feelings as they discover the mirrors in their own life with music. “The album is almost like a parallel to my own life. It shows that things will change but it’s still okay to reminisce,” said Marukawa.

Mrs. Haupert, a history teacher at SMHS and die-hard Taylor Swift fan, has grown up with Swift’s influence in the times of her life she needed something to turn to. “In a way, it feels like her and I have kinda grown up together. We experienced the same things at the same age, so for me, the album is a mixture of passion, emotion, love, sadness, and learning how to move on,” said Haupert. As a role model, Taylor’s expression of emotion empowers her listeners to do the same. “I think that people who feel their feelings are the most special people ever and I have so much respect for an artist who shares their actual life with their community,” said Haupert.

Red (Taylor’s Version) is deeply valued by her listeners and marks a significant shift in her career. With this, Swift reminds us of the importance of owning one’s feelings and not being afraid to be vulnerable.