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Digital drawing created by Ayaat Hamideh, Sophmore at SMHS

The Pacific Storm off the California Coast Brought in Heavy Rain, and Students had to Adjust

California is notorious for its bipolar weather- specifically during winter; one second the sun is beaming and the next it’s raining buckets. Stemming from “chaotic shifts in atmospheric conditions over the Pacific Ocean,” predicting our weather proves a difficult feat according to a Buzzfeed article addressing the travesty of the Golden State’s climate. With few sunny days and weeks consumed by rainfall, adjusting to gloomy skies and muddy grass gets difficult- some students have cracked the code on taking advantage of rainy days.

For Sophomore Ayaat Hamideh, sleeping in and reading a book is the perfect way to spend a day in the rain. Reflecting on traditions she’s built over the years, Hamideh watches the Harry Potter movies. “It’s a comfort movie that invokes a feeling of familiarity in me whenever I watch it,” Hamideh said, “I got to bond with my family over it and that strengthened our relationships.”

Reflecting on this series with great fondness, a notable movie for rainy days is something that brings comfort. Music is also something that students tend to seek comfort in during stormy weather, as it “is effective for relaxation and stress management,” according to an article from University of Nevada, Reno’s counseling services. Although we cannot control the weather, we can control our music- and compile the perfect playlist for gloom- filled days.

Whereas my go-to songs on a rainy day are Storms by Fleetwood Mac, Superstar Sh*t by Dominic Fike and Step from Vampire Weekend, Senior Nina Borcalli prefers to listen to mirrorball by Taylor Swift, In a Good Way by Faye Webster and Evergreen by Omar Apollo. “When I get in my car on a foggy day, I always tend to lean toward these specific songs to fit the cold vibe for the day,” Borcalli said, “The rain makes me feel relaxed which makes me play these songs to stay in that mood and keep me at ease.” 

Controlling your mood during gloomy weather proves necessary for students at San Marcos High. Harmony Day Wellness, an outpatient behavioral health service that specializes in mental health treatment, reports that rainy days are often known to contribute to depression and sadness. In order to combat those feelings, Junior Avery Garfine seeks comfort in a good book.

“I’ve read Daisy Jones and the Six twice,” Garfine says, “this book is honestly so comforting and I love the author, Taylor Jenkins Reid, her characters are so interesting that I couldn’t put [the book] down.”

On a rainy day, prioritizing yourself is key. Making sure your head is clear- unlike the weather outside- proves vital in student’s experiences on a rainy day. Find things that make you happy and keep your head up, brighter days are ahead!

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