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Marc Bernardin talks with the Journalism class via Zoom on Oct. 6

Who Am I?

SMHS students take initiative for their futures in journalism

The silence within the computer lab fills with the pattering of feet and the squeaking of each chair dragging out and then scooting in. The screen projects before the journalism students as they prepare their questions. The nerves and shuffling of papers fill the silence in the room. Students watch the screen light up and instantly listen to the opportunity presented.

On Oct. 6, after lots of preparation and research, students gather at San Marcos High School in the computer lab, to conduct an interview with Marc Bernardin. They ask questions about the future, and how to get a hold of a variety of opportunities in their later careers.

Taking out a pen and paper the students rose in their seats, focused their eyes, and listened intently. 

“What can I bring to your publication?… How can I make your life easier for you?” Bernardin said. 

Bernardin gives recommendations on how to express yourself and explains that you must tell people what your needs and wants are as a journalist/writer. 

You’re being a bit of a salesman, almost always but the thing you’re selling is you

— Marc Bernardin

“You’re being a bit of a salesman, almost always but the thing you’re selling is you,” Bernardin said.

Bernardin expresses that while emailing or applying with companies express what you as a writer will bring to the company. How will you incorporate your own style and opinions into the publishing and writing companies?  Bernardin emphasizes journalists who are passionate about writing, people who can add their own stylist options to their writing. 

“I can be the thing you didn’t know you needed,” Bernardin said. 

Bernardin explains that once you start to put your name into the writing or journalist world, those different opportunities arise. Throughout Bernardin’s career, he feels that many things started by sparking a quick email with higher-ups in the journalism world. He began by asking friends or anyone that possibly had job openings, then sending an email of what he thought that he would personally bring to each company.

“Once you break into it, It becomes a recommendation-based economy. I Had a friend working for the LA times, he said there was an opening over there, and he gave me the contact information”

I can be the thing you didn’t know you needed

— Marc Bernardin

Bernardin tells students that once they get their name out there it becomes easier to find work, and it is one of the best ways to find a publishing company that will curate your own writing. 

Finding jobs that revolve around journalism is getting harder and harder with each passing moment, but it is not impossible to find a working place that will provide for you and someday a possible family. Finding what you are passionate about and what stories you ought to tell is the key to a successful future in journalism/writing. 

“…here’s who I am,” Bernardin said. 

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