By Haylee Cassen

After a long and stressful day, Colette Nuyen comes home, puts on her headphones, and hops on her Minecraft server. The sounds of her podcast and the versatile game bring her into a peaceful state of mind and she enjoys every aspect of it. 

Minecraft is a creative game where players can build, survive, and create anything they wish for. Colette is a senior who has played Minecraft since she was little. “I used to play with my little sister,” she said, but Colette eventually grew out of it. She got back into playing because of the lockdown, when she really had nothing else to do. “I sometimes spend my time obsessing over one thing, and I put all my focus on it,” Colette said and right now, the thing that she is obsessing over is Minecraft. Colette likes to look on Tumblr, and other platforms such as YouTube, where she gets motivation and various ideas concerning her Minecraft world. Colette plays Minecraft for her enjoyment but it also brings her back to her childhood. 

When Colette puts in her headphones, she listens to her favorite podcasts as she plays. “I like to listen to This American Life,” Colette said and explained how there is a lot of variety in the podcast. Colette also likes the variety offered in Minecraft, “I like how versatile the app is for anyone to use with different varieties for anyone to play,” Colette said. Minecraft is available on many platforms such as IOS, Android, PC, or other gaming devices like X-box.

When Colette is playing Minecraft, she likes to do more straightforward tasks. “I like to tend to the animals, make houses, and tend to a farm,” she said. The way the game is formatted gives every player a place to express their creative thoughts and ideas.

Minecraft is also not just a building game, but is an outlet for connectivity. “I like to play with my friends, and we like to make houses and do simple things together,” Colette said. The app is so versatile and valuable that even though Colette and her friends are not close in proximity, they can still play together. All the features in the game make Colette’s experience, along with her friends, much more complex and enjoyable. 

Colette finds that when she plays Minecraft, it relieves her stress and calms her mind as well. “I forget all about the daily stresses I have,” she said. The different aspects of Minecraft allow Colette and other players to have something to do and always have something new to learn. “When I am playing Minecraft, it is like I am in my own world,” Colette said.

The different platforms allow people to play, watch, or even compete. “Minecraft is not just a little kid’s game,” Colette said. Most people who play are typically from the ages of 13-18. However, many people in their teenage years play Minecraft for enjoyment and to relieve stress, just as Colette does. When playing Minecraft, people can join a world where there are no worries or complications. It is a game that allows people to be free and themselves.  

Minecraft is more than just a silly game for Colette. It is a stress reliever, a source of enjoyment, and offers an all-around fun community to be a part of.