Surviving the Pandemic With ASB


By Alfredo Gonzalez 

The Associated Student Body, also known as ASB, is a widely known program here at San Marcos High School. This elective is open to students who are dedicated and spirited about being a leader on campus.

The program’s main goal is to represent every student and their ideas on campus. If someone is not in the program but wants to be heard by ASB, they can always contact Bonnie

, the ASB Director, or a student who is part of the class to share any ideas they may have. 

However, due to COVID-19, it has been extremely difficult for the program to be fully effective. The leadership program has taken a massive hit, because they don’t have the correct materials for online schooling. Staring at a screen all day rather than collaborating in person has made it harder to understand and consider ideas coming from ASB and other students on campus. 

The ASB program is also used for students to meet new people and develop bonds with everyone in the program, but because of online

learning they aren’t able to have as powerful of a connection.

They have also had challenges keeping students at San Marcos High School informed and involved on campus. This year, they have heavily relied on their social media platform to keep everybody up to date with school events and ASB news.

ASB is known for planning events and activities, but COVID-19 has caused a halt to all of this planning. The regulations have made it challenging to host any activities or events. It has forced the ASB program to come up with new ideas in order to follow all guidelines. 

Bonnie Bagheri is the ASB director here on campus. She hopes all their efforts are helping students stay in touch with our school and feel included at San Marcos High School. ASB wants to make sure every student feels comfortable enough to reach out to the program with new suggestions. Bonnie Bagheri’s favorite part about being involved with the ASB program is empowering the students and guiding them in becoming more involved with the school. This is what ASB is all about.