A Deeper Look Into Field Hockey


By Bruin Bailey 

As we all know, COVID-19 has limited school sports in San Marcos and in most of The United States as well. One of the many sports affected by this is field hockey; field hockey is a sport primarily played on grass fields with a goal on each end of the field. Each team consists of a goalkeeper and ten field players. The sport is played with hockey sticks and a hockey ball.

As you can imagine, COVID-19 restrictions  put field hockey’s season on hold. Now, with the season right around the corner, we spoke to some of the players to ask some questions about field hockey upcoming season. We talked to Dillian Selitsch, a senior on the varsity team, who told us they have  “recently started practicing as a team” and they’re starting the season with their first game this Friday (March 5th), which they’re all “very excited for.”

At the team’s practices and games everyone wears masks while playing and conditioning in order to keep everyone on the team safe, healthy, and keep their season on track. The team is also committed to making the most out of their season by playing the hardest they can under these new conditions and guidelines.

 If you’re interested in starting a new sport at San Marcos this one may be for you. Rylee Hovis, a senior on the team, tells us she “started playing field hockey [her] freshman year” and before that “had no idea what field hockey was.” She started playing the sport because of the lack of players, but it worked out perfectly for her. Rylee says “If anyone wanted to join this program she would definitely recommend them to do it.” She has even acquired a scholarship to play in college at “Lincoln Memorial University” because of joining the team at San Marcos High School.

The field hockey team is looking forward to when restrictions are gone and they can play without guidelines. They can’t wait for students who are interested to come try out for the team. Remember, if you are looking for a new sport to pick up, keep field hockey in mind.