9th Grade English Classes: What Differs


By Bruin Bailey and Vaughn Muhlethaler

As the new normal of distance learning prevails, and we can’t talk to classmates every day, it’s been harder than ever to get help and guidance from one another. What we don’t realize, is teachers can’t collaborate as easily, and they put massive amounts of work into our classes to make sure we get the best education possible. We looked into how each freshman English class differs from one another.


We asked a wide variety of freshmen students what happens daily in their classes. Both a student from Mr. Norby’s class and Mr. St.John’s class gave a detailed outline of their normal day-to-day life in class.


In Mr. Norby’s class students start out the day by looking at the daily calendar to get an outline of the agenda.The students then go over the assignment that they will do in class. After getting a detailed list of instructions from the teacher, they get to work on their assignments for the day. Currently, the students are reading the book “Lord Of The Flies”. After that they have time alone to finish their assignment. When they finish the assignment they check in with the teacher and are done with an English class for the day. Most of the assignments in this class are currently about or relating to “Lord of the Flies”. 


Compared to Mr. Norby’s class, Mr. St.John’s class runs a little differently. Students first start class off by reading the quote of the day. They then go to the google classroom and make a copy of the weekly checklist so they can check things they have done over the week off to make sure they are staying on track with all classwork. Next, usually every week they either have vocab to go over or a story to read and answer questions on. After going over the assignment at lengths with the teacher, they get put into break out rooms where they are free to collaborate and work together. Once the students are done, they are excused from the Zoom meeting in order to get a jump start on their homework for the day.


Although both classes teach ninth grade English, the structure and schedule of students in each class differ. Each teacher tries to make their class exciting and different so students can have fun, but also learn and progress on campus and in life. Next time you see Mr. Norby, Mr. St. John or your own English teacher, remember to thank them for all their hard work.