Ethan Johnson Student Profile


By Kasi Khathuria 

A passion for film and a drive for sport both describe Ethan Johnson, a San Marcos High School junior.

Ethan is a part of the filmmaking club, track and field, as well as marching band here at San Marcos High School. Even with the coronavirus pandemic spreading and changing lives all around, Ethan still finds time and energy to show his dedication to the activities he loves. He aspires to be a producer and screenwriter later in life and out of all the activities he listed, filmmaking is by far his favorite.
“That’s what I want to do when I’m older, I love everything about films,” Ethan explains.
His dream to pursue film later in life was put into perspective after he became one of the finalists in a screenwriting contest last April. Ethan says that he never thought he would get that far.
“I just expected it to just, to do it just for fun,” Ethan says, but clearly, it became way more than that. The contest truly challenged his abilities, but the overall experience showed him his potential.
“I think this definitely put into perspective sort of my skill level I would say and just put into perspective where I fit in terms of screenwriting and storytelling,” Ethan says. This experience has helped him not only succeed more in the filmmaking club at school, but pushed him towards his chosen career.
Ethan not only focuses on film, but practices track and field and is in the marching band, where he mentors underclassmen.
Due to current conditions, track and field has not been able to practice for quite some time. Even so, Ethan has been running almost every single day.
Ethan is trying his best to stay calm and collected during this year. “Taking breaks away from the computer,” Ethan says is very important to his daily routine. He is attempting to balance the amount of screentime he has each day for his health and makes sure to stay connected with his friends. Ethan continues to be the best he can be at all he does, even during this very difficult time.