Igniting Sparks: The Series


By Noelle Doblado

The year begins. Before you lies a crowded room of unfamiliar faces awaited by opportunity, inspiration, and knowledge. Little do you know as you stand front and center in the classroom, this is the beginning of a life in the hands of your passion.

Criminal Justice is one of the many unique opportunities provided to students at SMHS. Andrew Golembiewski, the Criminal Justice teacher at SMHS, has brought his work experience in the police force to educate students and allow them to see the world in a way they hadn’t before. 

Being a police officer was a constant adrenaline rush for Golembiewski, the time he spent working was always fleeting.“Twelve-hour shifts felt like only three, it was just so fun and interesting,” said Golembiewski. His background in law enforcement was a gateway to taking his passion and providing students with the chance to think critically, with open minds. The subject of Criminal Justice offers a greater understanding of the topics of concern happening around the world every day, which is the main focus for Golembiewski’s class. “I like the subject the most because compared to any other topic on campus, it talks about what we are going through on a daily basis,” said Golembiewski. Golembiewski aims to reveal the truth in our society and allow students to evaluate the realities behind everyday issues we see on the news. “I’m big on this class because it teaches life lessons,” said Golembiewski. The lasting impact of actively working in law enforcement sparked the desire in Golembiewski to influence students with the life lessons he gained while devoting himself to his deepest passion for public service.